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Just here learning some AS and animating. By the time i am writing this i have 177 characters remaining, Wait 145,What the hell 128? Well maybe i Should Shut The Fuck Up. Be sure to visit minigrounds.forumoti on.net, Well i guess thats all. I dont have sp

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Posted by exzeta - January 8th, 2010

oh well

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 3 days. You have 2 days, 12 hours, 32 minutes and 56 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: Use the search bar BEFORE making a thread.

Posted by exzeta - January 7th, 2010

Holy shit i was banned from the BBS


Reason for ban: that's the 2nd or 3rd "favorite" style thread you've made today that was deleted. Please, take the hint and you won't be banned. ~Mal

I didnt knew that. what the fuck can i do now?

You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 1 days. You have 13 hours, 5 minutes and 27 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

I think ill have to wait till tomorrow



Posted by exzeta - January 2nd, 2010

I just tried Beer And Wine, I didnt like beer but the wine was goood, it kinda burned, but yeah.

Posted by exzeta - January 1st, 2010

My friend codes, if anyone wants to add me.

Castlevania order of Ecclesia

Metroid Prime Hunters

TLoZ Phantom Hourglass

Posted by exzeta - December 31st, 2009

I was bored, so i wrote this thing.


In year 2980 world has been invaded by a race of aliens know as the morphos, with the ability to shapeshift it makes them almost indestructible, but they have a mayor weakness, water, if they enter in contact with it, without taking a special substance before, they begin to melt.

In the inicial attack of the morphos 10% of the population died, wich caused the numerous survivors to take some protection, they created "The Resistance".

But the morphos were smart enough, they erradicated the water of the earth.
Making them invincible in earth. Yes. Only in earth because they had a minor weakness too a Legendary sword on their homeplanet know as The Destiny Blade.

Episode I
Freedom at Last

In the resistance HQ two scientist, Serebeau and Hacker, are working on a project to erradicate the morphos, project Z.E.T.A. (which has no meaning because i was too lazy to invent one), the project consisted of injecting morphos DNA into a soldier, Zero, son of Serebeau, was this soldier. Unfortunately for them, when the DNA was about to be injected in Zero the morphos found their HQ and began an attack.
The Resistance did a good job figthing which gave Hacker and Serebeau the oportunity to inject Zero.The project Z.E.T.A. was a succes Zero obtained a not so vast array of powers: Super-human Strenght,The abilty to control electricity, And he was sent to battle, Zero took the live of 300 Morphos that day. after defeating the number 300 a morphos sneaked behind Zero, morphed his hand into a hammer, and attacked Zero, Breaking his leg, but the morphos didnt Know Zero`s final resource a special attack called "The Thunder Of Thor".
Zero knew that if he used it he would destroy every morphos in the world but also deplete all his healt. Zero being a hero used the Thunder Of Thor which destroyed every morphos but also the HQ. which he did not expect. The resistance began to escape the falling HQ, Some died Some survived with the escape pods. Serebau knowing Zero would die if he leaved him there saved him and went to a escape pod which sended them into a new planet.
Planet Arcanos a cold planet where Zero met a woman named Krystal. which he married and toghether they had a Son, Zeta, which Had the powers of a morphos that came from his father and, the powers of an Arcana,that came from his mother. the Arcana were-wolf like creatures who controlled ice

To be continued...

Posted by exzeta - December 30th, 2009

Im working on a game, but i will post it here as a interactive story

1)I will post a part of the story
2)Ill give you options
3) you post the one you chose as a comment
4) As an answer i will post what happens depending on the one you choose

Lets begin

You wake up,The day seems normal enough, The abandoned house in which you live is was good enough to keep you alive one night more, your barely working refrigerator,the table where you draw,and you bed are the only things you have, but its okay, you surived. After going to your drawing place, you notice something on your table, its a note,you read it, it says

"Remember,that,when you are lost in the dark, there is allways a light that shines after a while...

And on the back
...Or maybe someone will just come to rescue you. Or kill you

After reading the note you think. "WTF" , get the note in your pocket, and exit your home,go for a walk, but when you are walking on the railroad, a train comes suddenly the note starts to shine.
After that...

(Now choose what happens)
A) The note creates a shield.
B) A strong gust of wind moves you.
C) The note stops time
D) the note Gets outside your pocket and the original message turns into "LOL F*G".

(Post your answer i will reply with what happens)

Posted by exzeta - November 26th, 2009

I am making a new RPG called Lost Souls heres the story:

protagonist (a soul): I`ve heard stories of a temple,inside the temple there is a shrine,a shrine that is visited by lost souls, in that place they find true peace,Its its Nicknamed "The Shrine Of The Souls" appropiatly, I, A lost soul, am going to find it,find the shrine,and the peace.

Well actually not the full story, but still, Basically you are a soul and look for the shrine.

Posted by exzeta - November 6th, 2009

I wonder if someone actually reads this news

Posted by exzeta - November 6th, 2009

A new game from me is coming SHELTERDOG expect it fast.

Posted by exzeta - November 3rd, 2009

its called eol catcher

play it here!